Assignment on Computer Systems

Assignment on Computer Systems

Understanding how computers work and being able to design one are the main goals of the computer systems assignment. The study will concentrate on creating and setting up computer systems in accordance with design specifications.

Task 1: Understanding the Functions of a Computer System

P 1.3 Comparison of types of computer systems 

According to their design, capacity for processing, and size, computers can be divided into four categories. The type of CPU and processing speeds, memory and storage capacity, the amount of user interactions, and pricing all have a role in which computer is preferred. The most potent computers are known as supercomputers, which can process millions of pieces of data and require a secure environment. The mainframe computers are the next in line and likewise require a certain environment. A mainframe computer is special because it can be operated by thousands and thousands of people and is so powerful that failure is virtually unavoidable. Although the speed and performance are considerably lower, minicomputers are also mainframe computers.

Smaller businesses with fewer people interacting with the system typically utilise these PCs. The most popular type of computer is a microcomputer, usually known as a personal computer or a business computer. All computers fall within this category and come in a variety of sizes and designs, including laptops and workstations. The table below provides a visual depiction of how much each type of computer costs and how well it performs. It is pretty obvious that the cost closely relates to the computer system’s performance.

Task 2: Designing a Computer System

P2.1 System design for smith solicitor

Smith Solicitor, a law practise with 20 employees from London, including Mr. Smith, is the client for this work. To carry out the necessary tasks, a computer must be built. The criteria include handling payments, tracking staff arrivals and departures, maintaining client information in a database, connecting with clients and staff over a network, producing multimedia works in a multimedia application, and maintaining the confidentiality of the data (Security). To ensure that the server system operates as efficiently as possible, it is highly recommended to have a separate system for handling data in addition to a secure network. In order to keep the data private, it also needs a secure connection with the other staff computers.

A single IP method in a LAN connection with a strong password is sufficient in this situation. Any network and shared document that are linked to internet networks should be unlinked in order to increase the security of the connection. The best option is a tethered printer because wireless printers are more susceptible to hackers. The table below contains a detailed description of the computer system that Smith Solicitors needs to be constructed. The total cost for each system is £ 676.67. 20 employees and 1 DBS server equal a total of 20 x 676.67, or £ 1353.40. (PRACTICALLY NETWORKED, 2014)


Analysis of computer system applications in various situations led to the acquisition of knowledge about various hardware and software development. For Smith Solicitor, a system design was created, and it was configured, appraised for suitability, and addressed in terms of how maintenance and updating duties are carried out. Access to the data must be made through a secure protocol to increase security. In addition, the company must continue to update its gear and software, which will lower the cost of purchasing new ones.


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