Business Law Assignment Help


Business Law Assignment Help


The module is aiming to provide a coherent analysis of the relationship between law and business. Law is an important part of the business environment, which provides a framework for the creation and regulation of business relationships and activities. This module will offer students an understanding of the nature of law with particular reference to the English Legal System, Contract, Tort, and other areas of law that affect businesses. Further, this module offers students an opportunity to develop detailed knowledge and understanding of the sources and content of this area of law, alongside a parallel development of the analytical, application, and communication skills.

This module has its own specific learning results and also adds to the course learning outcomes.

Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module the student will become capable of:

  1. Develop an understanding of the place and function of law in business organizations and transactions.
  2. Analyze the legal liability of parties in business transactions and recognize the case for reform in this area of the law.
  3. Demonstrate the capacity for legal analysis, research, and problem-solving skills within the context of Business Law, including the ability to produce a piece of written advice (for example, be able to answer a problem).
  4. Identify key arguments and structure a reasoned opinion of a general or a specific nature and retrieve information from a variety of sources.

    Business Law Assignment Help


Learning outcomes:

B1Make effective use of critical thinking, for example, in evaluating statements in terms of evidence

B2 Make effective use of analysis, for example, to detect false logic or reasoning

B3 Make effective use of synthesis: for example in formulating and solving business problems.

B4 Make effective use of the principles, processes, and evaluation of research and various data sources

Learning outcomes:

C1 Make effective use of communication, IT, numeracy, and quantitative skills.

C3 Make use of effective self-management in time, planning, and behavior.



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