C493 -Professional Portfolio

A. 1.   Professional Mission Statement

After completing my schooling, I’m determined to become a top-notch registered nurse so that I may help people. I would devote my knowledge, talents, and abilities to reducing patient suffering by putting international best practices into action. To stay current with new developments in this rapidly evolving industry and to better serve humanity, I would continually work to increase my professional knowledge. To be a productive team player who motivates others for a good cause, I would work to strengthen both my soft and hard skills.

a.   “Reflect on how your professional mission statement will help guide you throughout your nursing career.”

My professional mission statement, which is given in A.1, would be extremely beneficial to me. It would always be a guiding light for me that clarifies my route and provide me the drive I need to accomplish my professional objectives. As was addressed in class and noted in the study text, the nursing profession is not an easy one. As a result, in times of difficulty, I will draw strength from this mission statement. The quote gave me the confidence to continue serving mankind in the face of hardships and difficulties at work. As a nurse, my top priority in a career in healthcare would be my patients’ safety and wellbeing.

C493 -Professional Portfolio

2.   A Professional Summary

a.   “Explain how the specific artifacts or completed work or both in your portfolio represent you as a learner and a healthcare professional.”

I owe a debt of gratitude to the faculty and staff at Western Governors University for giving me the chance to pursue the education I needed to fulfill the goals I set forth in my mission statement, which was covered in the preceding section. I always strived to do the assignments given to me during various courses because I believe that playing the role of a student is essential to developing knowledge and abilities. The COVID-19 epidemic altered the learning atmosphere, but it encouraged me to concentrate more because my professors emphasized the value of nurses as well-wishers for humanity. I acquired academic knowledge as I looked up numerous themes given to me by the institution with the use of a portfolio. I gained a lot of knowledge about evidence-based nursing practices in particular. This topic’s prominence is evident from where it is located in Figure 1. I believe that the knowledge I’m gaining will give me an advantage over other students in my field. In addition to this, as a learner, I asked teachers for assistance, which sped up the process of my information acquisition. The portfolio assisted me in developing my communication skills as a student, which are crucial for professional nurses because they must comprehend the messages conveyed by the patients. As I looked up numerous themes given to me by the institution, I gained academic understanding with the aid of previously completed work. Particularly, I gained a lot of knowledge about evidence-based nursing methods, which are crucial to patients’ recovery.

 Evidence-Based Practice

“Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing” refers to the clinical standards that nurses must follow in order to treat each patient effectively and safely. I firmly believe that applying evidence-based practise enables us to offer our patients the highest calibre of care. We have a lot of very unwell patients because I work at an acute-care hospital. Elderly folks with restricted mobility make up the majority of our clientele. Pressure ulcers acquired in hospitals can be decreased and prevented by adhering to evidence-based practise guidelines. Examples of EBP to avoid pressure ulcers acquired in hospitals include turning the patient every two hours, performing regular skin examinations, and ensuring good hygiene as necessary. I recall caring for a very frail 89-year-old patient with dementia.

Reflection on Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

a. I have gained a significant amount of knowledge about current primary research in the course. The amount of data that is pertinent to the subject under consideration is referred to as its relevancy. Data’s reliability was referred to as its believability. It’s possible for quality to improve without study. The study could, however, greatly raise the standard. Original research is referred to as primary research, whereas previously conducted research is referred to as secondary research. Primary data are those that are gathered directly from sources, whereas secondary data are those that are used in conjunction with primary data.

Reflection on Applied Leadership

To me, being a leader in nursing means having the people-management abilities to motivate others to collaborate to deliver high-quality care. I believe that being a nurse leader can be demanding and difficult. A leader, in my opinion, should be able to handle the most stress, have a great deal of love for what they do, and be an outstanding communicator. Leading a team and encouraging the workers are also crucial components of nurse leadership. I have to oversee LPNs and nursing assistants who are providing patient care because I am a registered nurse. I’ve discovered that being aware of the unique leadership styles and energy dynamics of my team members greatly aids in my development as a leader.

C493 -Professional Portfolio


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