We believe in transparency hence we don’t hide our price chart like many other companies out there, who try to sell you the highest price possible. We believe the price list should be public so it’s equal to everyone and anyone willing to try out our services.

*Prices are decided based on the service, writer, and urgency (deadline). All prices are in Pound currency.

Writer Level
DeadlineUndergraduate (Merit)Undergraduate (Distinction)Master’s (Merit)Master’s (Distinction)
20 Days£17.50£20.50£26.00£32.00
10 Days£18.00£21.50£30.00£34.00
7 Days£19.00£22.00£32.00£36.00
5 Days£20.00£24.00£35.00£40.00
4 Days£22.00£26.00£37.00£44.00
3 Days£25.00£31.00£40.00£48.00
2 Days£30.00£34.50£43.00£55.00
24 Hours£34.00£39.50£48.00£63.00
12 Hours£39.00£47.00£55.00£72.00
8 Hours£45.00£56.00£63.00N/Aii
6 Hoursi£52.00£65.00£73.00N/A
3 Hours£60.00£74.00£81.00N/A

Feel free to ask us any quesiton you may have at all, or wish to inquire more about the latest discounts!