Sample Undergraduate 2:1 Marketing Topic With Titles

Due to the demand for affordable but fashionable clothing during the past ten years, fast fashion retail has experienced enormous growth. The UK fast-fashion store Primark is a growing star in this industry. This dissertation might investigate the literature on traditional and digital marketing approaches and strategies, and analyse which ones are used by the business in an effort to draw in new clients at various stages of their rapid expansion in the fast fashion retail industry. In order to comprehend the interactions among the brand’s fans and followers on social media (such as Instagram and Facebook), on their website, and in other online engagement groups, the research will utilise an ethnographic analytic approach.


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The Rise of Supreme: Exploring the Effect of Suggested Scarcity on Sales Performance and Brand Perception


When it comes to high-quality, specialty items, literature and existing research have observed and investigated the impact of indicated product scarcity and its successful drive to increase demand (Stock and Balachander, 2005). Consumer research has generally shown that scarcity makes a product more desirable, but according to economic theory, once a product becomes really hard to find, it also becomes somewhat premium and is hence deserving of being purchased at a higher price (Lynn, 1992). The rise and development of the Supreme brand can be examined in this dissertation in relation to the socio-economic, financial, and cultural effects of suggested scarcity, with a focus on the strategies employed by the brand to grow its fan base and gain popularity, under the general strategy of scarcity and product obscurity.


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