State Board of Nursing (BON) vs ANA

State Board of Nursing (BON) vs ANA

Professional Roles and Values

While ANA lacks the power to execute the legislation, BON is able to. The ANA has the authority to recommend actions that the BON should take or that have taken a very long time for the boards of nursing to take.

Roles of the Organizations

The BON oversees nursing practise regulation, grants nursing licences, and approves nursing education programmes. The organisation also conducts investigations to see if the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) has been broken, and it applies disciplinary action to any possible offenders. Additionally, the BON suggests modifications to the NPA that would be approved by the legislatures. The nursing field is advanced by ANA, though. They make recommendations for novel nursing practises that should be incorporated into the nurses’ code of conduct.

How the Two Organizations Influence my Nursing Practice

The two organisations have an impact on my nursing practise by enacting fair regulations. Nursing staff members must put in a lot of effort to get the necessary skills for improved performance of their obligations because the law demands competence and carefulness when carrying out nursing activities.

Functional Differences between FDA and CMS

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is in charge of ensuring the efficacy, safety, and security of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals (both human and veterinary), biological goods, the nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and radiation products in order to protect public health. On the other hand, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is in charge of eradicating instances of abuse and fraud inside the American healthcare system. The CMS collects data, analyses it, and generates reports about medical research.

State Board of Nursing (BON) vs ANA

How the Two Regulatory Bodies Influences My Professional Nursing Practice

The CMS has had a significant impact on my nursing profession since it has helped me advocate for all of my patients. The FDA, on the other hand, has an impact on my nursing career by controlling the medications I give to my patients. The standards set by FDA assist me in delivering the medicines with known facts.

My Role as a Patient Advocate

The nurses are required to represent the patients’ interests. In the event that a patient seeks alternative treatment, it is the duty of the nurse to assist the patient and provide information regarding the therapy they have desired. Being an advocate for the sick requires nurses to uphold the patients’ rights and to be accessible to them when they require guidance.

Purposes of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA)

The NPA statute in New York establishes the duties of nurses. According to the law, nurses are required to conduct case studies, provide health advice, execute medical regimes in accordance with doctors’ orders, and provide restorative care in order to diagnose and treat human diseases. In addition, the law outlines nurses’ rights and the steps that must be done when a nurse does tasks that are outside of her or his area of expertise.

State Board of Nursing (BON) vs ANA

Scope of Practice

With the exception of some PPD (purified Protein Derivative) tests, vaccines, Hepatitis C testing, allergy treatments, and HIV tests, nurses in the state of New York are obligated by law to give tests and medications in accordance with specific orders of the patients. The aforementioned procedures are carried out in accordance with general directives often given by a doctor or a nurse practitioner.

Delegation for RN in New York

Delegation is defined by New York as the transfer of duty for carrying out a task from one person to another while maintaining accountability for any results. According to the state of New York, it is the duty of the registered nurse to use good judgement while assigning duties.

As a scientist, a nurse is required to be knowledgeable about the causes of all ailments and the proper medications to treat them. The present practises, policies, and procedures must also be explained to the nurses.

How the Provisions Influence my Nursing Practice

Although the first clause mandates that nurses should treat patients with compassion and respect, it might be challenging to respect someone whose choices in life we do not share. For instance, nurses are supposed to treat both criminals and non-criminals with the same compassion. The requirement has a huge impact on my nursing career since I am required to treat everyone with the same level of respect. Additionally, the other clause also has a significant impact on my profession because it is crucial for me to remember to take care of my personal health, as encouraged by the clause.

Significance of the Leadership Traits

Excellence in the nursing environment is a result of good leadership qualities. A nurse’s role as an advocate for a patient who has been admitted must be exercised. The nurse is supposed to hear, see, and convey what the patient needs in her role as an advocate. Therefore, the nurse should act with compassion and dedication when serving as the leader at the bedside. A nurse’s contribution to a team is essential. By paying attention to the concerns of the other team members and offering helpful feedback, the health specialist should demonstrate compassion.

Work Environment

In my neighbourhood, I work as a special education nurse at a county school. My job has a variety of effects on me. For instance, my company provides the assistance and resources I need to carry out my responsibilities. I lead by outlining my duties to the students at the county school.

Making decisions is a critical skill for nurses. I am the sole person in the workplace who takes decisions pertaining to the demands of the clients. I talk to the patients’ parents to receive an update on how their children are doing with their ailments. My company has been really helpful to me in terms of professional development.

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