1. Co-operation

  • The Customer must give full briefings to the UK Essays London and verify that all information supplied about the Order is correct.
  • The UK Essays London will work closely with the Customer and use reasonable care and skill to ensure that the Order is completed successfully, as one would expect from a reputable research firm. The Customer will help the UK Essays London achieve this by providing all necessary information to the UK Essays London at the outset of the transaction and collaborating with the UK Essays London throughout the transaction if the Principal wants further information or instruction.
  • The Customer understands that failure to give such information or guidance during the transaction may create a delay in the delivery of their Work and that the UK Essays London will not be held liable for any loss or harm resulting from such a delay. The ‘Completion on Time Promise’ will not apply in such instances.

2. Approvals and Authority

  • If the Principal or UK Essays London needs to confirm a specific detail, they will contact the Customer using the email address or phone number supplied by the Customer.
  • The Customer recognizes that the UK Essays London may accept instructions sent through various means of communication and may reasonably believe that such instructions came from the Customer.

3. Privacy & Data Protection

  • All data submitted by the Customer and the Principal will be collected, held, and used by the UK Essays London in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (Reg EU 2016/679). (“GDPR”).
  • Regarding any data transferred between the Customer and Principal, the UK Essays London is the data controller for GDPR, and the UK Essays London undertakes all duties and obligations associated with the role of the data controller.
  • For GDPR, the Principal is a data processor regarding any Customer data shared with them and undertakes all duties and obligations associated with that role.
  • Personal data is collected, stored, and processed for processing payments, Orders at all stages, and opt-in communications.
  • The UK Essays London has a privacy policy that may be seen on its web pages and a copy can be obtained upon request.

4. Changes To Work

  • After the Order has been assigned to an expert, the Customer may request revisions to the Order specification, but any changes must be approved by the Principal. Requests for revisions to the Order specification are not confirmed unless and until the Principal has consented.
  • Shortly after the Commencement Date, the Customer may supply the Principal with new supporting information, as long as it does not duplicate or contradict the features in their initial Order specification.
  • If the Customer provides additional information or instructions after an order has been assigned to the Principal that conflict with the details in the original Order specification, the Principal may request an additional cost to cover any additional time required to adapt to the new Order specifications. Any extra charges will be negotiated by the UK Essays London on behalf of the Principal, and the Customer will be given the option of proceeding with the change to the Order specification for the final stated cost. The Customer acknowledges that this may cause a delay in the delivery of their Work, for which the Principal/UK Essays London is not liable.
  • If a change in Order specification occurs during an Order, the delivery date may be modified at the UK Essays London’s discretion on behalf of the Principal. Any shift in the delivery date will be reasonable and based on all factors. The ‘Completion on Time’ Promise will not be honored in certain instances.

5. Amendments to Completed Orders

  • The Customer may request amendments to the Work within 7 days of the delivery date, or longer if they have specifically paid to extend the amendments period if the Customer believes the completed Work does not meet the Order specification and/or the promises of the Principal as set out on the UK Essays London website. The Customer will not be charged for such modifications.
  • The Customer may submit just one request via the Customer Control Panel, providing all of the requested modifications’ data. This will be forwarded to the Principal for feedback.
  • The Principal will be given the option to remark on the Customer’s request if they do not agree with it. If the Principal and Customer are unable to reach an agreement on the revisions, the UK Essays London will investigate the matter and make a final judgment. They may refer the matter to a separate expert for evaluation at their discretion, in which case the expert’s conclusion will be binding on both parties.
  • If the Principal does not fully comply with the Customer’s reasonable request for modifications, the Customer may request that the Work be revised until the request is entirely addressed.
  • If the Customer requests amendments to the Work outside of the time allowed for amendments, or if the Customer requests amendments that are unrelated to their original Order specification, the Principal may, at their discretion, provide a quote for the completion of the changes or additional work, which the Customer may accept or reject. The Customer understands that payment for such adjustments may be required before the additional work may be started.

6. Fee Charges

  • On the UK Essays London’s website, the commission charges for their services, the Principal’s costs for their services, and VAT charges are displayed as a total.
  • If the Customer requests that their Work be changed in a way that contradicts their initial Order specification, the Principal will be notified, and the Principal will be free to determine their charge for executing the changes, with the UK Essays London’s fee commensurate to that rate.

7. VAT (Value Added Tax)

  • Where applicable, VAT is included in the prices given by the UK Essays London at the current rate.

8. Terms of Payment

  • Unless payment is collected at the time of placing an order, the UK Essays London will contact the Customer by email to request payment after they have located a properly qualified and experienced expert to complete the Customer’s order.
  • If the UK Essays London takes a deposit instead of the entire amount of the Order at their discretion, the Customer recognizes that the full balance will remain due at all times and will be paid to the UK Essays London before the Work is delivered.
  • The Customer acknowledges that once an order is paid for, the UK Essays London’s expert assigned to that Order begins working on it and that the Order cannot be canceled or returned. The Customer may opt to continue with the Order or cancel it at any time until payment or a deposit has been completed and the Order has been assigned to an expert.
  • The Customer agrees to be bound by the UK Essays London’s refund policies and acknowledges that, due to the highly specialized and individual nature of the services, full refunds will only be given in the circumstances outlined in these terms, or the event of other unforeseen circumstances, in which case any refund or discount will be given at the UK Essays London’s discretion.
  • These clauses must be read in conjunction with the ‘Payment Up Front’ provisions.
  • Payment Up Front
  • Before the UK Essays London formally secures an expert to do the Work, the Customer may be asked to pay for their order.
  • The Customer recognizes that if payment is made before an expert is found, the UK Essays London cannot guarantee that the Work will be completed by a suitably available expert.
  • If the Customer makes an advance payment and the UK Essays London is unable to locate an expert to execute the Work, the Customer will get a full refund of the advance payment.

9. Copyright & Fair Usage

  • The Customer recognizes that the UK Essays London’s services do not grant the copyright to the Work and that copyright remains with the Principal at all times. The UK Essays London’s work submitted is to be used as a Sample Paper and not submit as Own Work.
  • By assignment by the Principal, the Customer obtains an exclusive license to possess a copy of the Work for academic purposes to use as an example/model response. The Customer does not get copyright or the right to present the Work as their own, in whole or in part. Furthermore, the Customer agrees not to distribute, exhibit, or resell the Work in an unauthorized manner, and to handle the Work in a manner that fully respects the fact that the Customer does not own the copyright to the Work.
  • Because the Customer does not own the copyright to the Work, they are not entitled to pass it off as their own, which is a violation of the conditions of use.
  • As a condition of using the service, the Customer undertakes to read, understand, and observe the Fair Use Policy, which is shown on the UK Essays London’s website.
  • The Customer acknowledges that submitting the Principal’s Work as their own, in whole or in part, is a copyright violation, and that they will instantly renounce all of their rights under these terms and conditions. Any subsequent action taken by the UK Essays London in response to such incidents is completely at its discretion.
  • The Customer understands that the UK Essays London, its employees, and the experts do not promote or condone plagiarism and that the UK Essays London has the right to refuse service to anybody suspected of doing so. The Customer acknowledges that the UK Essays London provides a service that identifies properly competent specialists for the provision of independent individualized research services to assist students in learning and raising educational standards.
  • The Customer acknowledges that if the UK Essays London suspects that any essays or materials are being used in violation of the above rules, the UK Essays London reserves the right to refuse to facilitate or process further work for the person or organization involved, and the UK Essays London assumes no responsibility for any such undetected and/or unauthorized use.
  • After completion, the UK Essays London acknowledges that no Work provided via its service will be resold or disseminated for compensation or otherwise. The UK Essays London also agrees that when the work is produced, it will not be posted on any website or essay bank. The Principal acknowledges that any Work submitted and/or sold through the UK Essays London will never be published, resold, shared, or otherwise redistributed.

10. Refunds Policy 

  • At UKEssays London, we hire the best experts from the UK and ensure top-quality. There are no chances of error as we take strict measures in assisting your essay. However, you should know that we do not offer any refund policy. We are confident about our service quality. You will not have to ask us for a refund in the first place.

11. Delivery

  • Unless the due date falls on a Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Day (“a Non-Working Day”), the UK Essays London promises to enable the delivery of all Work by midnight on the due date.
  • The UK Essays London may, on occasion, declare additional days to be Non-Working Days. These will be announced on the service website through a notification.
  • The UK Essays London guarantees that all work will be done on time by the Principal, or the Customer’s money will be refunded in full and their work will be delivered for free.
  • The Customer due date specified on the Order is the relevant due date for this guarantee. This is originally established when the Principal is assigned to the Order.
  • When the UK Essays London and the Customer agree to change the relevant due date, the Completion on Time Promise applies to the rescheduled Customer due date.
  • The UK Essays London will not be held accountable under this commitment for any delays caused by third-party or other technical issues, including, but not limited to, issues caused by Internet Service Providers, Mail Account Providers, Database Software, Incompatible Formats, and Hosting Providers.
  • If such technical problems occur with a system for which the UK Essays London is directly responsible or with which third-party contractors provide them, the UK Essays London agrees to provide reasonable proof of these technical problems upon request, if such proof is available, or to otherwise honor their Completion On Time Promise in full.
  • The UK Essays London is not liable under this commitment if any delay is caused by the Principal’s or their immediate family’s death or illness.
  • If the Customer does not get their work by the due date, they agree to contact the UK Essays London the next day (or the next day after a Non-Working Day) via the Customer Control Panel to work with them to resolve the technical challenges.
  • If accessible, the UK Essays London shall give documentation of any technical issues, death, or sickness upon request.
  • If the Customer chooses to wait longer to notify the UK Essays London of non-delivery, they acknowledge that they do so at their own risk and that the UK Essays London will not be held accountable for the Customer’s failure to notify them of non- or late delivery. If asked, the UK Essays London will provide documentation that the Principal completed the Work on time and uploaded it, that the Work was made accessible to the Customer on time, or that the Work was not made available on time due to technical issues, death, or sickness.
  • If the UK Essays London can establish at least one of these incidents, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund or discount; however, if the UK Essays London cannot prove at least one of these occurrences, the Customer will be entitled to a complete refund and their Work will be provided for free. The Customer accepts that they will not be able to get a refund for delivery issues through any other means.
  • If the Customer’s actions cause a delay in the delivery of the Work, the UK Essays London will have no obligations under the Completion on Time Promise, including but not limited to where the Customer has failed to pay any outstanding balance due concerning the Order, sent in extra information after the order has started, or changed any elements of the order instructions. Due to Customer delays, the relevant due date may be amended following the magnitude of the delay without triggering the Completion On-Time Promise.

Legal Notes

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