The Mission Statement of McDonald’s and Panera Bread

The Mission Statement of McDonald’s and Panera Bread

Every corporation needs a set of distinctive principles and values to set it apart from other businesses and make it lucrative. For the creation of plans and objectives, organisations require mission and vision statements. These aid in enhancing their public image. According to Bartkus and Glassman (2008), “the mission statement simultaneously functions as an external communication instrument to transmit the organization’s goals to the broader public.” A number of stakeholders examine and evaluate them to determine the organisations’ values. In exchange, those objectives serve as the benchmarks for performance evaluation (Matejka, Kurke, & Gregory, 1993).

This essay will conduct a thorough review of the mission and vision statements of two businesses. These statements have been used by businesses for decades. The significance of a mission statement has also been highlighted by more contemporary literature, which refers to it as a strategic instrument and a crucial element in strategic planning (Stone, 1996; Bart, Bontis, & Taggar, 2001). Additionally, it is vital to periodically revise, examine, and rewrite mission statements as the organization’s circumstances and the environment in which it works change over time (David and David, 2003). The mission and vision statements can be written and revised using a variety of methods. “Other research has indicated that the mission statement should be specific to an organisation.

The official affirmation of McDonald’s mission is as follows: “Our mission is to be our customers’ preferred place and method to eat and drink. In addition to being a strong, uplifting presence in your community, we’re committed to providing the quality, service, cleanliness, and value that our customers have come to expect from the Golden Arches, a symbol that is recognised all over the world.

The mission statement of McDonald’s:

It is both inclusive and comprehensive in scope. McDonald’s welcomes specifics about its market position in its mission statement, which are made clear in the “preferred place and manner to eat & drink” section. Additionally, the “excellent location for our people to work” portion is blurred in the human resource management perspective. Additionally, McDonald’s mission statement places its corporate social responsibility under the heading of “active participation in your community.” The final part of the mission statement emphasises how McDonald’s represents its brand and the quality of its meals. The company’s mission statement demonstrates how it uses its mission statements for the development of its worldwide brand.

Mission statement of Panera Bread

A mission statement of Panera bread is “A loaf of bread in every arm®.”

The company’s mission statement does not mention the nine components. There is no length, nor are there any attached well-defined objectives. It does not offer details on the company itself. It has forgotten to include the customers in the remarks. In contrast, every part of the McDonald’s mission statement surpasses that of Panera Bread. The guiding concepts for statement formulation are taken into consideration in McDonald’s mission statement. This sentence need revision. These ideas ought to be included in its comments. “Growth, consumers, products, the public, market, one’s self-concept, and philosophy” are some of these.

When all these components are combined, the mission statement of Panera Bread reads as follows: “Panera Bread is a company committed to the right training and development of its people. It is important that each employee respects and adheres to the company’s code of conduct regulations. With the use of new and fresh ingredients, Panera Bread will produce high-quality goods that are also the healthiest on the market.

McDonald’s vision statement

“Our ultimate objective is for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company offering a contemporary customer experience,” reads the company’s mission statement. Progressive means taking the necessary steps to become the McDonald’s our customers will expect tomorrow while modern means getting the brand to where it needs to be right now. In order to fulfil this objective, we are concentrated on giving our customers delicious, high-quality food and a first-rate experience that makes them feel cherished and welcomed.


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