Three Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

Three Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

A. Describe the three stages of the nurse-patient relationship and how each stage can aid with good communication with patients, patients’ families, and other healthcare professionals.

The development of patients and the resolution of their issues depend on a positive nurse-patient connection. In order to help patients and their families through encounters, the nurse and the patient are connected. The nurses’ self-awareness helps to maintain a positive relationship by preventing the impact of unneeded demands on the patients’ behaviour and perception. The three phases of a nurse-patient relationship are listed below.

Three Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

1. Orientation Stage

A therapeutic setting is created at this stage. The patient and the nurse agree on the best means of communication. Building acceptance and a nonjudgmental mindset. Acceptance of the patient entails encouraging the patient through verbal and nonverbal cues for the expression of both happy and negative emotions, even when they go against accepted norms and general perspectives. Patients are strongly encouraged to express their emotions. A path is created during this stage that leads to the identification of the issue. The opinions, feelings, and thoughts of patients are welcomed and accepted.

2. Identification or exploration Stage 

The patient’s primary issue is identified during this phase, and solutions are sought, used, and evaluated. The assessment is centred on the patient’s actions and emotions. The nurse must understand how crucial it is to maintain consistency because it gives patients a sense of security. The recognition of appliance management, maintenance plans, and authenticity detection. With the assistance of the nurses, coping skills are developed during this stage.

3. Termination or Resolution Stage

When the patient is either released from the hospital, transferred to another room, or the duty is completed, the problem has been solved and the objectives have been met. This stage is crucial for the patient’s development and improvement with the nurse’s help, as well as for the patient’s development of decision-making independence. The nurse must uphold a strict code of professionalism throughout this relationship. There should be no establishing of personal bonds.

Three Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

If the goals and objectives linked to these phases of the relationship are achieved, patients can effectively overcome their issues.


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