Unit 12 Hospitality industry Assignment in Travel and tourism

Industry of hospitality Assignment in The GDP of the nation is heavily reliant on travel and tourism. The service industry’s sector of hospitality is crucial. Services are supplied to clients in the form of intangible items. We talked about the definition of tourism and other relevant topics in the first task. The travel and tourist industries are fundamentally related to the hospitality industry. All of the services offered in a hotel are hospitality-related. We took into account the Savoy Hotel in London for our assignment. The diversity is combined through international hospitality. All areas of a hotel require hospitality, including room service, dining service, conferences, and events. Integration both vertically and horizontally has been discussed. Integration is the joining of the two businesses for mutual gain.

There are numerous advantages to integration, as will be covered throughout the assignment. Integration gives the business a competitive edge over its rivals. Economies of scale assist in lowering a company’s production and operating expenses. A business plan is required.

Task 1

1.1 Discuss the and wider travel and tourism businesses.

Tourism is the term used to describe short-term travel for pleasure, amusement, or business purposes. Tourism comes in a variety of shapes and forms. The tourist is also categorised based on why they are there. The hospitality industry alone provides entertainment for the small business tourism market. Tourism and hospitality are interconnected. When a family or group of friends travels, they typically do it by plane or rail, which is considered hospitality service. If a visitor stays at the Savoy Hotel in London, then they will be receiving services from a hotel. The hotel industry also provides entertainment for the family when they are engaged in sightseeing and other activities. The hospitality sector supplies tourists to the travel and tourism sector. All of this aids in our understanding of the fundamentals of hospitality and tourism. Assisting others or providing gracious service to others is what is meant by hospitality. We used the example of a restaurant to teach hospitality. In a restaurant, the servers give the patrons courteous service. The workers in the hospitality sector assist guests with finding rooms, serving meals, and doing other errands. Without the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants would not be able to operate. Their primary requirement is hospitality. The hospitality sector supports the expansion and success of hotels and restaurants. Customers favour hotels with outstanding hospitality because it persuades them.

Savoly hotel London:

London is the location of Savoy Hotel. It includes a selection of 7 hotels, each with about 250 rooms. It is the hotel for excellent dining and luxury. Savoy is a line of opulent hotels that tries to give its guests opulent stays. To accommodate the type of consumer that does not aim for the lavish stay, Savoy also has some mid-range hotels. The Savoy has developed a reputation as a popular and well-known hotel with top-notch service. The following is a list of the services the Savoy Hotel London provides:

Each of their six hotels in London offers top-notch dining and lodging services.

The hotel features a really lovely and roomy area for weddings.

The hotel offers a spa that is well-known throughout London.

The hotel offers facilities like babysitting, internet, and valet parking to keep clients happy and make their stay enjoyable.

The hotel works with numerous tour operators and travel agencies. The hotel offers a full range of services.

For the convenience of the customers, the hotel also works with cab services.

For guests, the hotel features a lavish and beautiful honeymoon room.

Task 2

2.1 Analyze the implications of integration to the hospitality industry. You should include a range of examples from the hospitality industry.

Although it has been in use for more than a century, integration is not a new idea in business. When a corporation wants to exploit economies of scale to reduce manufacturing and operating costs, they apply this idea. The organisation should use this technique if it is no longer in need of outsourcing. One of the main priorities of the workers is reducing manufacturing costs, thus they train their staff to do so.

Vertical integration: When a corporation purchases all of its supply, vertical integration is used. The company’s production and operating costs are decreased as a result. As a result, the company’s overall profit rises. 

2.2 Discuss how integration has affected a hospitality business. You need to use a specific business within the hospitality industry.

Of all the benefits offered by integration, competitive advantage is the most crucial. It gives the business the advantage. The two businesses can better attract customers if their respective competencies are integrated. In order to offer the traveller a complete package, Savoy Hotel has partnered with tour operators.

By offering the greatest services that other competitors are unable to supply, monopolies are created in the market. The creation of a market monopoly is possible if the major players band together. Before the customers, there are less options.

The integration of two businesses can lower the cost of producing goods and services since their resources are pooled. The company’s profit can rise when its production costs are reduced.

Integration can be quite beneficial for increasing the company’s profit.

The business becomes more diverse as a result of integration. The client coverage can be expanded after the two nations are integrated. The profits of both businesses will improve along with an increase in customers. 2016 Hotel Online


We must comprehend travel and tourism in accommodations for this job. Assignments take into consideration the Savoy Hotel in London. The traveller must take into consideration transit, lodging, and leisure when arranging their vacation. The link between the travel and hospitality industries has been covered. Numerous sectors are connected to the tourism business. Integration has a wide range of effects on the hospitality industry. The primary example of tying lodging with travel and tourism is the hotel industry. The business plan’s justification for the Hyatt hotel is developed. The creation of the company strategy must go through three stages. The hotel makes an effort to give its guests a secure and healthy environment.


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