Unit 13 Marketing Strategy of Detergent Assignment

In the UK and many other nations, including India, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and many others, Surf is a well-known brand of detergent. Unilever owns this popular brand, which is one of the best-selling ones. The assignment is about the marketing strategy of Surf and Surf, which segments the market and offers items according to each individual customer’s demands. The business frequently sells surf-related products in many nations under various brands. In this project, the internal and external environments of Surf will be analysed, and after that, a STP analysis will be performed with a focus on developing marketing strategies for Surf to achieve its goals.

Situational Analysis

To develop a suitable marketing plan, conducting an audit is crucial for any brand. These marketing audits, whether they are internal or external, assist the business in analysing consumer demand for its products and market performance before it makes the ultimate decisions that will determine its course for the future. Marketing audit can be defined as the structured investigation of external or internal firm data that provides information about the market’s competition, the company’s performance, its policies, and much more. The companies must do an audit before developing their plans. It demonstrates both the ways in which an organisation succeeds and fails. An effective marketing audit can be seen as the building block for future success.

The Micro Environment

The market analysis, market size, market research, marketing mix, and market tactics make up the micro environment. Internal environment auditing involves recognising and utilising organisational traits or resources to accomplish the goals the business has set for itself. The SWOT analysis tool can be used for this analysis to help identify the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis of Surf, which examines the entire internal environment of the organisation, is provided below (Babatunde & Adebisi, 2012)

SWOT analysis

The detergent brand Surf is highly known throughout the world. This brand, which goes by several names in various nations, has been successful in making its name known over the globe.

In terms of fragrances, the firm asserts that Surf is far superior to the other laundry and detergent products in the UK. It offers excellent scents and delights people who enjoy scents.

Surf offers a wide variety of goods that are created and tailored to meet the diverse consumer requests. It offers clients full contentment and offers products that are worth their money.


Rural markets have low brand awareness, which has an impact on the brand’s business.

According to the firm, Surf’s pricing are slightly higher than those of its rivals because its items are of a higher quality, but according to analysts, this is due to the company’s expensive advertising costs, which are eventually paid for by customers (Bainbridge, 2016).

The chance for surf to expand its operations into rural markets is significant.

In order to satisfy customers and win their loyalty to the brand, the brand can manage the market by matching items to customer wants and needs.


The brand “Surf” is highly known throughout the world. Being a member of Unilever, it provides items that are cutting-edge, economical, and of excellent quality. Conclusion: When developing its marketing strategies, Surf must take into account the variables that influence both its internal and external environments. To concentrate on the marketing strategies that will be created for surfing, segmentation, targeting, and positioning have been done. The company’s main goal is to dominate the majority of rural markets by the year 2017, and to accomplish this, it can use certain techniques and ideas that are provided on how to do so.


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