Unit 14 Website Design Sample Assignment

A user’s view of a website is greatly influenced by its design from the moment he enters it until the moment he leaves. Everything else, including the text, pictures, and videos, is added later. Design explains “why” and “how” to use the website. Some essential components of web design include:

Website Layout – The arrangement of graphics, text, and adverts on a web page is referred to as the layout. The goal is to convey information quickly while upholding overall integrity, balance, and consistency.

Color: The company and client for whom the website is being created determines the colour scheme used throughout the website. It may be straightforward or elegant, with a black-and-white or multicoloured design.

Graphics are the arrangements of images, clipart, symbols, and logos used to foster creativity. To improve user usability, these must be positioned appropriately, in keeping with the website’s colour scheme and content, and with the least amount of load time possible.

Utilize pertinent content that, when combined with graphics, can improve the website’s visual attractiveness. In order for users to comprehend the website’s main goal, the language must constantly be informative and illustrative. To rank higher in search results, it must be keyword-rich and search engine friendly.

Some of the key elements to take into account when creating a website are:

We must understand our target audience, their preferences, and the topics they are most interested in reading about. We also need to understand the rationale behind the creation of our website.

The purpose of our website, or what we hope to communicate through it

We must frequently sketch as we design our website. Sketching is simple, quick, and affordable. They aid in the generation of fresh ideas that are impossible to achieve when working electronically.

We must also make liberal use of empty space. These aid in reading and allow users to take a rest. The font size, colour, and displayed content must all coordinate with the white space.

The purpose of website, its users, their needs and requirements

Young men and women are the target audience of this e-commerce website. The megashop website features a wide range of categories, including stationery, fragrances, toys, clothing, shoes, mobiles, cameras, laptops, healthcare and personal products, and much more.

This website is easy to use and has several fantastic features. Along with the fantastic discounts they give, it offers us some excellent features like cash on delivery, a 30-day replacement policy, EMI choices, free shipping, and free reverse pickup.

Modules like registration, login, blog, FAQ, about us, contact us, my wishlist, checkout, search, and subscribe to our newsletter are available on the Megashop website.

Young folks frequently lack the time to focus on one thing nonstop in today’s fast-paced world. They attempt to manage several jobs at once. As a result, they favour internet shopping over the more conventional practise of making every transaction in person. This website, which offers a wide selection of things at one location, from everyday necessities to lifestyle items, is therefore highly helpful for such people.

People today want instantaneous outcomes from every industry. With online shopping, they can choose from a large variety of products while at home, save on fuel costs, and receive free home delivery of their purchases. All they need is internet access on their laptops or smartphones to

Comparison of megashop website with existing commercial websites available on internet

Nowadays, the internet has given people the tools they need to fulfil their entrepreneurial goals. All you need to start an online business is an idea, some money, and a computer. These days, there are many e-commerce companies that offer door-to-door delivery, a huge selection of goods under one roof, a 30-day return policy, cash on delivery, as well as various discounts, fantastic deals, and a simple shopping experience.

Megashop combines all of the modern methods used by well-known e-commerce platforms today with excellent aesthetics and easy navigation, creating a gratifying user experience.


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