Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Sample Assignment

The component of the marketing strategy under “Advertising and Promotion” explains how the seller will use its unique selling propositions to attract clients. To keep a positive impression in the minds of the customers, the seller uses a variety of media to advertise their items. This research examines in detail how the advertising sector employs various media to connect with the target market and get their support for a given product. Ward (undated)

1. Communication process that applies to advertising and promotion

Advertising and promotion play a vital role in the marketing mix and in both the cases the communication is the key element to inform the customers about the product. The main ambition of the communication process is to attract and influence the buyer’s behaviour.

In the path of communication process, the marketing manager analysis the market to find out thatwho their customers are, what are their requirements, how they can be contacted, and what impressive message should be sent to them. Following are the main stages to be crossed while following the communication process to advertise and promote the products.

Segmentation: It is crucial to separate the client base into distinct categories in order to make the communication message successful. Market research can be used to accomplish this. The standard techniques for market research include:

website analytics, particularly when using social media.

analysis of the purchasing and selling behaviour.

office research

firms that specialise in market research.

Face-to-face meetings

Targeting: After segmenting the client base, the next step is to choose the appropriate target market for advertisements and promotions to get the best response rate. There are several ways to educate people about the items and advertise them. Let’s talk about the main techniques.

2.Organisation of the advertising and promotions industry

Marketing and promotion play a key role in the success of a firm when a new product is introduced to the market or when new features are added to an existing product. In order to captivate the consumer’s attention and encourage ongoing demand, the promotion plan must be incredibly alluring. In order to accomplish this, a productive marketing team is divided into numerous groups that jointly manage the advertising and promotion sector. (Huds, undated)

The European Sales and Promotion Federation:

In 1980, the EFSP was started. It serves as a place for many European nations to collaborate, network, and share creative ideas.

The European Association of Communication Agency (EACA) supports agency associations, full service advertising, and media advertising in Europe. Its main goal is to advance ethical and effective advertising and raise public understanding of the role that advertising plays in the market economy. It aids in boosting and growing European advertising agency, media, and advertiser cooperation.

European federation of sales promotion: Originally known as the European federation of sales, the Promotional Marketing Council of Europe was founded in 1980 and changed its name to that in 2002. This company works with clients, suppliers, and agencies to promote sales throughout Europe. According to this organisation, sales promotion accounts for 80% of sales in various European nations. 2012 (Rodrigo)


This paper aids in comprehension of how the advertising and promotion sector operates. This enables us to comprehend the numerous approaches and effective work of all those connected to the advertising firm. This demonstrates that creating advertising that are appealing enough to us to watch them and be drawn to the things they feature is a labor-intensive process that takes place day and night. This report helps us comprehend the planning techniques used to create these adverts as well as the budgeting associated with them.


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