Unit 2 Marketing Orientation and Environmental Factors Assignment Help Online


Unit 2 Marketing Orientation and environmental factors Assignment Help Online

Regarding its strategic importance, marketing has emerged as one of the most crucial organisational tasks in the context of modern business dynamics. Due to a number of factors, such as comparable operational and technological capabilities and equally innovative products, businesses in the industry space where there is intense competition are attempting to ensure that some sort of differentiation can be done on the basis of business strategy and initiatives. Additionally, if a business does not develop and implement an effective and efficient strategy, customers’ buying decisions will be substantially influenced by the way that information about the products or services of the brands is communicated to them.

1.1 Explain the various elements of the marketing process

A base of consumers who are relevant to the brand’s product or service must be identified, segmented, and targeted. Additionally, various communications must be designed and implemented for these consumers in order to tell them about the brand’s product or service. Relevance of the same for controlling and satisfying the needs of consumers is one of the key success elements for marketing communication. It is crucial for marketing processes and communication to address this fundamental factor, which also gives rise to key marketing process components. 

Unit 2 Marketing Orientation and Environmental Factors Assignment Help Online

The differences between the product or service and how it is presented to customers are some of the other crucial marketing aspects. This has been determined from the case scenario for this part, in which the vehicle company’s salesperson implemented a sales approach that involved pressing customers aggressively through numerous techniques. The marketer has been working to create an immediate need for the car he is selling in the minds of buyers as part of this selling strategy. The salesperson is now attempting to turn the need into a want by creating urgency using a time pressure technique.

Additionally, he has been working to raise customer knowledge of the security features of the car, which aids in the sale of the more expensive, upgraded model. The sales process is also aided by the company’s use of both conventional and unconventional marketing strategies, as well as the channel it creates by providing customers with discounts or other forms of promotional incentives. Additionally, this makes it easier for the salesman to meet their volume goals. These marketing and promotional initiatives are crucial parts of the overall marketing process.

The following are some crucial components of marketing and marketing strategy (Hawkes, 2002):

market research Product development

Adding more products to the mix

blueprint for strategic marketing

Constant review and course correction of the plan for marketing

1.2 Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization

Marketing orientation is the overall strategy used by businesses to carry out their sales and marketing activities. This is often accomplished by identifying key marketing components.

An organization’s marketing strategy must be in line with both its short- and long-term goals. The case study demonstrates that the firm and its sales representatives have been employing a hard selling strategy, which constitutes a sizable portion of the company’s marketing and sales orientation.

Unit 2 Marketing Orientation and Environmental Factors Assignment Help Online

A set of criteria called segmentation aids a marketing firm in breaking down the consumer base into smaller groups of people who share the same psychological or behavioural traits. This in turn helps the business decide which of these groups to target with its product and marketing messaging. The following are some of the most popular criteria on which segmentation is conducted:

criteria for geographic considerations

criteria for demographic elements

criteria for psychographic elements

behaviorally-related requirements

The segmentation criteria that can be used most effectively for every product that needs to be promoted to the general public can be found among these.

Task 3

3.1 Explain how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage

When it comes to the banking sector, it is crucial for businesses to consistently release new products that are designed to increase client convenience. One of the top banks in the world can be used as an example to further the discussion: Standard Chartered. The following are the procedures that this company uses and adheres to when developing new products:

determining the need for items by doing market research in the target market

Obtain and evaluate consumer feedback on potential new product ideas.

a detailed evaluation of the new product’s operational and technological potential internally

a soft launch of a product

release of the goods to the general public

Product creation must always be done with the client in mind, and cutting edge technology must be applied. Another important element to consider while creating and maintaining a competitive advantage through the development of new products is innovation.

Unit 2 Marketing Orientation and Environmental Factors Assignment Help Online


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