Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy


Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy


Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy

You are a new employee who has received an induction and onboarding training from the organisation. After six months of working on several projects, your line manager requested that you submit a report addressing the following tasks:

LO1: Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development

Prepare a curriculum vitae that includes your current abilities and competencies in an appropriate format. Using management tools, compare your present abilities and competencies to professional standards and organisational objectives such as the BCS or ACM professional standards (SWOT). In your CV, you should demonstrate some of your abilities. [P1.1, M1] [P1.1, M1] [P1.1, M1]

Evaluate your personal developmental needs and create a list of activities to meet them. In your evaluation, you must take into account the SWOT analysis of subtask 1.1 [P1] .2]

Create a personal and professional development plan (PPDP) based on your answer to task 1.2 to improve your competence in these skills where your current standard is low. Determine the most effective method for developing those talents, as well as a time range for each development [P1] .3]

Reflect on your own development against the established aims and objectives using the personal and professional development plan created in task 1.3. (You might want to compare your individual progress to any IT company’s organisational goals and objectives.) [P1.4, D1] [P1.4, D1] [P1.4, D1]

LO2: Be able to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills

Your firm has taken on the task of developing and implementing a Data Management System (DMS) for the local hospital. You have been named Project Manager.

Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy

Prepare a communication policy statement outlining how you will communicate with the various parties engaged in the project’s progress (e.g., your company’s director, the hospital’s director, the hospital’s manager, your project team, the DMS’s major users, and suppliers) [P2.1, M3].

Within six months, the project must be done. You and the rest of the team are working on the project part-time (i.e. 15 hours a week). Draw a time management plan to show how you will manage your work over the following six months, and include some of the most effective time management techniques.

LO3: Understand the dynamics of working with other

Discuss and analyse the many roles that people play in the project team, as well as how they collaborate to achieve common goals. Using a relevant measurement system (e.g., Myres Briggs’ Personality types and Belbin roles), explain what types of personalities you would choose for each task / designation. [P3.1, M2] [P3.1, M2] [P3.1, M2]

Discuss the methods you’d use to lead your project team to the project’s end goal. [P3.2]

LO4: Be able to develop strategies for problem solving

You’ve completed the third month of the project (refer Task 2). During this time, the hospital’s IT manager had been asking numerous upgrades and enhancements to the system. This has had a number of negative consequences for the project and the project team.

Unit 3 Employability and Professional Development Pass Copy

The project’s scope has grown to a point where your team can no longer handle it due to continual requests for adjustments and additions.

You and your team devote more time to the project, which has a detrimental impact on day-to-day office work. This is something your company’s director has warned you about.

The project’s cost has reached its maximum level, and the Managing Director has asked you to decide whether or not to continue it.

The current work situation has left your project team demotivated and fatigued.

Review problem-solving models and choose one to use to solve the difficulties listed above. You must be able to defend your decision. [P4.1]

Create a plan to address the aforementioned concerns in a win-win situation. Explain the third parties, tools, and documentation you’ll be using in detail. [P4.2, M1] [P4.2, M1] [P4.2, M1]

Examine the impact your proposed solution will have on the following: the business (your company), the client (the hospital), and the project team (P4.4, M3, D3)