Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Assignment Help Online


Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Assignment Help Online

If a company cares about its employees’ health and safety, a strong bond will develop between the two parties. Only when the employees are treated fairly or like humans are it possible. There is no distinction between the rich and the impoverished. Companies must offer their staff the finest safety and health amenities, and nothing should be kept a secret from them during employee recruitment. They are informed of all risks and conditions at that time, particularly in factories that include danger.


AC1.1 In Health and Social care organizations: review systems, policies & procedures used in communicating & maintain the Health & safety at work in accordance to legislative requirements.

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act: It is the legal legislation that the British government has passed. Executives who are working to ensure the health and safety of others at their workplace collaborate with some powerful authorities to achieve this goal. They look after groups of people who work as divers, in coalmines, at great heights, and in locations exposed to radiation and dangerous substances. Their goal is to observe and take into account that all employers are adhering to these laws at work. (2011) (Ambulance).

Health & Safety Offenses Act of 2008: This law is followed by businesses that care about the safety of their employees, and under the norms of the safety committee, the company’s trade unions are responsible for these safety laws. Before hiring them, the operational manager that the company appointed to take their training and explain all the hazards associated with employment. If not, the court will punish you.

Employment The 1972 Medical Advisory Service Act: This law will give organisations complete access to all the resources for conducting employee medical examinations. Throughout the job term, this facility is available to women and young people. Doctors selected by the factory or connected to one of the hospitals on its panel are provided with these medical amenities.


AC1.3 2.2 Analyse the health & safety priorities that are important to Mr. W’s health and wellbeing. In relation, analyse the impact of one aspect on health & safety policy on Mr. W and health & safety practice.

There are a number of issues that the management of the care facility may encounter with the social care. Based on the two approaches, quantitative and qualitative, a successful strategy to health and social care is adopted. These include the efficiency of the staff providing medical or other services to patients and the assessment of potential health risks. The patient may kill themselves, particularly in the case of the psychiatrist. The care facility closely abides by specific regulations in favour of the patients’ health that are listed in the nation’s laws.

The aforementioned health and safety standards apply to hospitals and home care facilities as well as to people at their places of employment. For Mr. W., adequate medication and treatment are necessary. These patients are treated with kindness & patience. According to the Mental Act of 1983, they must choose between receiving care from family members and local authorities or being admitted to a hospital. K is chosen to care for Mr. W because she has the training and experience necessary to manage the situation that has arisen. Patients frequently lose entire memory, not just their senses.

AC1.2 Draw your organizational chart using this as a guide; assess the responsibilities in a specific health & social care workplace for management of health & safety in relation to organizational structures.

Care Home is the organisation in charge of overseeing the security and wellness of the entire area. It has numerous branches that look after the health of individuals in various regions. Some areas include all the districts that fall under them, and a proper administration or team is appointed to look after the security and health of each individual branch. It adheres to the working’s Person-Centered Planning approach. They care for the mentally challenged person. The learning and skill of the patients are being improved by a variety of people and organisations. There are two approaches to patient care. Either admit them to the hospital or let their loved ones to care for them at home.


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