Unit 30 Internet Marketing Pass Assignment


Unit 30 Internet Marketing Pass Assignment

Purpose of this assignment

The Unit 30 Internet Marketing Pass Assignment will assess the learner’s knowledge and skills in using the complex interactive digital media that make up the internet marketing tools.


Smart Restorations Limited is a case study.


Leslie Mann, Managing Director, can be reached at [email protected]


London is the location.


Office Furniture is a business.


Confidential annual revenue


Confidential number of employees

Smart Restorations Limited is a small company that specialises in the purchase and sale of secondhand and reconditioned office furniture. In August 2014, as the country was emerging from a recession, the corporation realised it needed to move rapidly to secure a place at the forefront of the recovery. Smart Restorations realised that it could utilise the Internet to reach out to potential clients who would be ready to buy once the economy improved.

After exploring options, the company has decided to consult with your firm True Search Marketing to improve their websites and conversion rate. Smart Restorations Limited’s has an ambitious project to triple its sales figure over a two-year period and increase its exposure on the major search engines to among the highest in the industry.


With a constantly changing inventory, the company’s marketing staff realised that print brochures would not be as adaptable as their website, thus internet marketing became a top concern.


You’ve been given the brief as the e–Marketing manager for True Search Marketing, and the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited has requested a meeting to discuss how your company can help them achieve their goals.

Part 1


You must prepare briefing notes for the conference in order to:

Describe the components of internet marketing.

Examine your internet marketing strategy.

Compare online marketing tools, also known as eTools, to see which ones will be employed.

Investigate how interactive order processing will operate.

Part 2


You will explain how the internet may be used for promotion utilising digital marketing communications during your meeting with Leslie Mann, the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited.

You’ll do the following for the demonstration:


Prepare a briefing on search engine marketing mechanics – All or most of the following should be covered in your explanation: definition, paid search engine marketing, landing pages, long tail concept, geo-targeting e.g. Google AdWords; opt-in email marketing and Google AdWords

Write a decent opt-in email marketing newsletter’s copy.

Determine effective practises in online public relations and demonstrate how you would implement them in digital marketing communications.

Demonstrate how Smart Restorations Limited can make use of emerging digital media communities including file-sharing sites, instant messaging (IM), chatrooms, discussion forums, blogs, and so on.

Part 3


It is your responsibility to:


Conduct secondary market research to collect information about clients’ online shopping habits, such as statistics.

Create an online poll to get information on “what motivates buyers to shop online” (possible suggestions can be Google docs, Survey Monkey or Social media platforms)

Create a poster to show how to manage and analyse client interactions with the use of electronic customer relationship marketing.

Create an outline for Smart Restorations Limited’s online marketing strategy. Only the framework for writing the plan is required; you do not need to develop a comprehensive plan.

Make a one-minute presentation about pay-per-click advertising. It’s also possible that these are briefing notes.


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