Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment – TUI


Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment – TUI

This is an assignment for Unit 9: Tourist Destinations. TUI informs us about tourist locations in a variety of tourism-related scenarios. In order to analyse the tourist sector, four tasks must be completed. The first is to examine the destination in terms of revenue generating, visitor generation, and the number of tourists who visit that location. In this method, the country’s future tourist trend may be forecasted. The second assignment focuses on the characteristics of the tourist sector, such as political, social, and cultural issues, as well as elements that influence tourism. The third job is to compare and contrast the tourism destinations of established and developing countries in terms of visitor attraction.

Task 1

Understand the scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destination

The goal of this work is to learn about different tourist destinations and revenue generator sites all over the world using tourism information collected from these locations for the tourism industry as a whole. Various nations are ranked based on the number of tourists and revenue produced by tourism. To forecast future tourism patterns, the patterns of tourist destinations such as France, Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom must be thoroughly examined. As an executive manager for sustainability, my primary concentration is on the UK’s most popular tourist attraction.

1.1 Main tourist destinations and generators of world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation

TUI calculates the country’s tourism generators and receivers. The tourist recipient is the nation in which the tourists wish to travel. If a tourist picks the United Kingdom as their destination, the United Kingdom will be the tourist recipient. The tourist generator is the nation from which the tourists arrive. If the visitors are coming from the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom is the tourist generator. According to the report, the United Kingdom is the world’s largest tourist-generating country, and it ranks sixth in tourist-receiving countries. According to a poll conducted in 2010, roughly 27 million visitors visited the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. In 2009, just 27.2 million individuals visited the United Kingdom, indicating that there is no rise in entering tourists.

In a comparison of the money generated by tourism in different nations throughout the world, the United Kingdom ranks sixth, after the United States, France, China, Germany, and Spain. Tourism brings in over 30 billion pounds in the United Kingdom, which is a little amount when compared to the other five nations. 2016 (Veghea). France is a popular tourist destination all around the world. With a total income of 7.7 billion euros, it ranks third among the most visited nations. Every year, around 84 million foreign tourists visit France. When it comes to Brazil, there are several tourist destinations, such as Brazil and Costa Rica. It generates a total revenue of $6 million annually from 5 million tourists.

1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends

This job examines the tourist patterns in the United Kingdom and France, as well as future projections and trends in the tourism business. TUI accurately forecasts tourism trends and forecasts the future. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. Because of the abundance of tourist attractions such as beaches, mountains, malls, and monuments, France attracts a great number of visitors throughout the year. France is now the finest tourist destination and is predicted to stay so in the next years. The current declining value of the Euro is one of the most important factors for increased tourism in France.

Ireland earns a significant amount of money from the travel and tourist business as tourism in France grows. In the future years, the tourist industry in France is predicted to grow by 15% through 2014. The tourist business was severely impacted by the financial crisis, although it rebounded faster than other industries in the country. The tourism business in France employs a big number of people and is a key source of revenue for the country. India, the United States, China, and Brazil are tourist countries that compete with France’s tourism business.

The tourist business in France has several obstacles, including environmental concerns and globalisation. To prepare for the issues that tourism faces, the government has devised a strategic plan. 2016 (Dearsley). The United Kingdom has maintained its top spot in the international tourist business, and tourism is a significant source of revenue for the country. It is a significant contributor to the country’s GDP. The table below displays the tourism pattern in several UK countries as provided by TUI.

































































London is definitely the most visited industry, as seen by the clear chart. The city of London is the most visited in the United Kingdom. The key reason for this is the city’s abundance of attractions. The British Museum, Tower of London, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace are among the city’s most popular attractions. Edinburg is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom, as seen in the table. Arthur’s Seat, the Royal Yacht, and the Scottish Museum are all well-known Edinburg attractions. The Manchester city council is ranked third on the list. Exhibitions and museums, as well as the home city and stadium of a famous soccer team, are among Manchester’s most well-known attractions.

On the website visitbritain.com, the country’s tourism is promoted online. Various international exhibits are held there. In the country, there is a large number of business visitors.

The government is focusing its efforts on developing the country’s seaside resorts in order to boost international tourism.

They are marketing ecotourism strongly throughout the nation. 2014 (Perkins)

Task 2

Understand the cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations

An internal and external examination of TUI’s tourism destination would be included in this work. Social, cultural, political, environmental, and legal concerns would all be considered when evaluating tourism sites. The competition at various tourist places would be assessed based on all of the aforementioned elements. In this job, a comparison will be made between two tourist locations, one from a developed country and the other from a developing country.

2.1 Analyse cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations explaining their appeal to the tourists

The city of Mexico is utilised to evaluate the social, cultural, political, environmental, and legal variables that TUI is confronted with in its endeavour. The impact of these elements on tourism would be investigated as well. Mexico now features the most popular tourism spots in the country. It is owing to the existence of significant tourist sites that cater to both domestic and foreign visitors’ needs. In terms of monetary worth, about 4 million visitors visited the United States the previous year, generating around $10 billion in income. As a result, tourism is critical to the economic growth of both Mexico and TUI. Exhibitions, sporting events, and retail malls are all important aspects in promoting tourism in Mexico. Tourism does not immediately improve the country’s economy. If the government develops the tourism destination, the advantages will be realised in the future. Tourism is associated with a slew of societal concerns. As a result, TUI must examine Mexican tourism from a social perspective. People are also drawn to a tourist site by social aspects. Mexico’s rich cultural legacy is the social draw of tourism. A trip to Mexico may provide visitors with peace of mind and a greater knowledge of the country’s rich cultural history. Local people are the primary beneficiaries of the tourist business in the United States. They are proud of their location and are working harder to establish it as a tourist destination. The tourist sector employs Mexican citizens and creates revenue for the country. (2016, Imagian)

Task 3

Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal to tourists

This job is about the characteristics that may be used to assess the overall appeal of any tourist site, such as TUI. The characteristics of the tourist spot’s attraction are determined based on the chosen model. It would compare the tourist attraction of two different places, one from a developed country and the other from a developing country.

3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourit destinations

TUI compares the tourism destinations of developing and industrialised countries. A comparison of tourist locations in the United Kingdom and Costa Rica is made for this purpose. Although the qualities of the aforementioned tourist locations differ, the comparison will be performed in the same context based on their appeal as a tourist destination. The United Kingdom is the world’s most popular tourist destination, with over thirty million visitors each year. Costa Rica is a Central American country that ranks sixth in terms of environmental preservation. Drake Bay, Arenal Volcano, Montverde and Corcovado National Parks, and Dominical Beach are among Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations.

Following a comparison of both destinations at TUI, it can be concluded that both the UK and Costa Rica are unique in terms of geography, vegetation, and wildlife. Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination for visitors who wish to experience nature in national parks, animal reserves, volcanoes, and waterfalls, among other things. The United Kingdom is a well-known tourism destination for those interested in solid infrastructure, museums, and cultural history. When comparing the cultures of two countries, Costa Rica has a strong Spanish culture, whereas the United Kingdom has a strong English culture. Famous authors such as Shakespeare and Milton have written works in the United Kingdom. Opera is the most well-known musical form in the United Kingdom, and they have excellent music halls.

When comparing the modes of transportation of two locations, TUI comes to the conclusion that Costa Rica has ancient roads as its primary source of transportation, and the roads are in poor shape. The United Kingdom possesses the world’s most advanced public transportation system, which includes aircraft, double-decker buses, and ultrafast trains. Both nations are safe to visit, with low crime rates, but the UK has a dedicated police force to deal with crimes, which Costa Rica does not have. Costa Rica is ranked fifth in the world in terms of environmental stability, whereas the United Kingdom is ranked ninth.