Why football should not be banned from high school/colleges?

Sports are believed to be important for a healthy body and aid in keeping a human body that is physically fit and healthy. The one activity that is very popular and drives American schoolchildren to engage in physical activity is sports, specifically football and soccer. Sports promote social interaction and teach the fundamentals of engaging in physical activity. Additionally, it aids children and teenagers in entirely and thoroughly developing their mental and physical structures. The primary goal of the essay is to discuss the justifications for why sports shouldn’t be prohibited in colleges and high schools.

Due to the release of the motion picture “Concussion,” in which renowned American actor Will Smith plays a neuropathologist who documents his battle with the condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It is stated that this disorder is frequently observed in NFL players, and that their head injuries result in detrimental alterations to their cognition, conduct, and emotions. As a result of the movie’s influence, football, hockey, and soccer have begun to be banned in many American schools. The primary justification offered for the restriction on sports is because children and teenagers under the age of 16 to 18 still have not fully formed brains and could potentially face

Football has a reputation for being a riskier game, but there are no other sports that would be less risky than football, according to the legislation that is only concerned with banning issues. Children would switch to more risky hobbies like skating and skateboarding if football were banned from their life. Football should not be prohibited from educational institutions because it is statistically the least harmful game and there are extremely few chances to sustain a concussion or other head damage.

One of the most significant reasons to keep football around is that it is still unclear if removing risks from sports, including football, will benefit kids or cause serious harm. It may be said that children who played football in their early years have a good and magical future compared to those who didn’t play sports like football since team building, risk-taking, and self-management skills are rich in the game of football. Football could be employed as a fundamental sport for an individual to take significant chances. Talking about taking risks is another positive trait of an individual. 

In summary, it may be said that despite the possibility of concussion, football could not be outlawed. According to science, more than 60% of children with sub-concussions recover, which helps them lead healthy lives. Only when the cases go undiagnosed for an extended period of time do they become severe. Since American schools are closely scrutinised by the authorities, even minor injuries to children are given great consideration. Without a doubt, concussions are harmful disorders that cause CTE, which prevents a normal person from leading a flawless life. However, football cannot be held responsible for this.

Numerous additional factors, such as staff disputes, mishaps, and injuries sustained off the field, can also result in concussions. Football is the only inexpensive form of entertainment for kids, hence it is strongly urged that it not be banned from schools and colleges.


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